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What Our Members Say

"I want to thank the support team and the product research team for putting up with me, and finding the list of suppliers I needed to start my business"

I found the very product I was looking for

"I had looked everywhere for a dropshipper that carried a specific Solar Panels player and almost given up. I had joined several different programs and spent a lot of money and had almost given up and that's when a friend of mine told me about Solar Dropshipping Dropship. Within 24 hours your staff had found a dropship supplier for the very product I was looking for."
- H. Nunez, Santa Fe, UK

I turned my hobby into a full time job

"It's only been six months since we first decided to start selling on eBay?? and thanks to the top notch suppliers that we were able to find with the help of your guys at Solar Dropshipping Dropship we have been able to reach Powerseller status in what we feel is record time. Thanks Solar Dropshipping!"
- Harold Stoddard, Simi Valley, CA

Now I have a full time business selling Solar Cells

I had been looking for a dropshipper for Solar Cells and panels components and found one on Solar Dropshipping that had great prices. I could not find one through any other directory. Now I have a full time business selling solar things... Thanks Solar Dropshipping!"
- Rochester Karen K, NY

"I signed up with Solar Dropshipping since my mentoring coach told me to find a good dropship directory. After going through their easy to navigate search option, I found five suppliers for my product of interest. They have the easiest directory to use."
- Susan H. Mclean, VA

Great Service and Great Profits

"Great Suppliers, Great Service and Great Profits, we couldn't have been happier with our first dropshipping experience!
- David, Perth, Australia

Thank You for Your Help

I never thought it's so EASY to start my garage solar business. Thank you for such a treasure trove of information and AA+ cells, more importantly, for continuing to provide honest, common sense tips. Each tip in the DIY panel secret helps me grow my business. Until now, 100% my customer feedback is positive.
- Chris H, White, SA