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Solar Cells

Save your money! Generate your own power from buying Solar Cells!


Step 1: Deside how many Watt Solar Panel you want to build?

If you connect 36 Cells in series, they can produce 18+ Volts, you can use it to charge a 12 Volt Battery. 5 Amps, and 90+Watts in total. You can further build your own power system from here. For more info, please refer to Solar DIY FAQ.

Step 2: Choose types of Cells and order the correct pieces.

Don't worry where you live, we are shipping to anywhere in the world.

What we offer:

5" x 5" Mono-crystalline SOLAR Cells
  • A Grade 2.58 - 2.63W /piece
  • B Grade 2.15 - 2.30W /piece
  • C Grade 1.90 - 2.10W /piece
6" x 6" Poly-crystalline SOLAR Cells
  • A Grade 3.53-3.8W /piece
  • B Grade 3.37-3.5W /piece
  • C Grade 3.285W /pciece

Go to see see all models and buy solar cells at our Solar Store .


Step 3. Buy extra component as a package to make your own solar panels.

Want to DIY your own panel?
See our partner's "how to diy" tutorial video.

DIY Solar panel from cells


We ship to anywhere in the world for Free Postage. This is to save your hassle for calculation and we can provide to you a tracking ticket number. It will take 3 business days to process after you buy in Solar Store and 4-7 days for normal delivery.

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DHL Solar Cells DIY  Solar Cells DIY  Solar Cells DIY

How to order

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