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Charge ControlLer



SBC series user menu.pdf

  1. The charge controller adjusts itself automatically to 12V or 24V system voltage
  2. It can output half of power after setting time, main use the street lights system.
  3. Low voltage disconnect regulated by state of charge or voltage.
  4. Complete electronic protection,it protects the battery from being overcharge by the solar array and from
    being deep discharged by the loads. It can antomatic adaptation to the ambient temperature.
  5. PCB board using moistureproof processing.
    6.Detects day and night using the PV arrary.when solar array voltage less than 3V(12V system), theload begin work after 30 second, then the controller start output half of power after working setting timethen stop work. Detailedtime look Shell Tags of porduct
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