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We supply PV solar cells as well as other solar accessories to promote every type of DIY solar power. Our dream is to make it EASY for everyone to play a part in saving mother Earth by not using too much coal energy. Solar energy is the best method for you to save money. DIY solar power is the perfect and easy solution, especially when you are in an area lack of electricity supply. Homemade solar panels is easier than you thought.

We provide all sorts of Solar Cells at low cost.
You can build your own homemade solar powered panels by following our DIY solar system tutorials with everyday materials and save hundreds of dollars on monthly power bills and help the environment.

Please do considere to 'Do it yourself solar panels', you will be generating more energy, most importantly, you would be helping to save the environment.

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We have one of the largest ranges of wholesale solar products on the internet. If you are looking to stock solar products including solar cells, solar panels, solar controllers. Please email us on

Solar Dropshipping is happy to do business with organisations of all sizes from around the world.

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See our partner's "how to diy" tutorial video.

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